Friday, December 5, 2008

The Time Has Come!!!!!

I know I know I hate clicking on a blog and seeing it private but I am afraid we are going to join the PRIVATE CLUB :). I know some of our family members look at this and I hope they will continue too and it won't make it too confusing:). We just will feel much more comfortable knowing who exactly is looking at our family. We have heard too many bad stories about someone getting information of people's blogs, so for that and many other reasons we are going PRIVATE...WE would love anyone to keep in touch with us through our leave us a comment with your email address and then when you sign in you will have to type your address and password to access it (Mom I hope this will not confuse you). Also there are alot of people who have gone private before I could leave my email address, so if you could please add our email address so we can see your blogs that would great you

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fun at Dad's School

We like to go vist Nicholas at his school. He always will give us a tour and takes the girls to see the skeletons which does not go well with Kate she will not even open her eyes to look at them. But Vanny on the other hand walks right up to them and holds there hands and laughs at them, she thinks it is hilarious. In these pictures we where in the OMT lab and Nicholas was pretending to do work on them and they thought it was very fun to get to lay down on these tables. What cute little patients they would be!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bugs at HaLlOoWeEn

We had the funiest Halloween yet. When we first moved into our neighborhood I remember thinking this place will be the best for trick or treating because there are so many houses that are very, very close. Well I was right, and It worked out perfectly, this was the best place for the girls to go door to door and have trick or treaters come to our door.
People started coming to our house at 5:00 and Kate loved giving out candy to all of the different trick or treaters. If there was someone with a mask on she would say "Mom I was not afraid of that mask it wasn't scary I just laugh at them." But here sister was very afraid of the masks and she had one boy say "Boo" to here and she took of screaming and crying. We then went out ourselves and it was hard to escape our house from all of the kids. I wasn't sure how much Savannah would like trick or treating but I was wrong, she was walking faster than her sister to get to door to door. Once she figured out what she was getting she was ready to go. Every time she got to a door she would she "trick er teet" and than tell them "thank you" after, it was hilarious how fast she picked up on that from here sister. Savannah had to hold this one crunch bar in her hand the whole time and if her Dad would put it back in her bag she would stop completely and start digging in her bag to look for it again. It was so fun to see there excitement after each house. After that we went to our ward Halloween carnival. It was very fun and lots to do there. Kate had been talking and talking about getting a cupcake at the cupcake walk but when she finally got it, she was starting to get candied out and only ate a little of the frosting. We then came home to hand out candy again. When we asked Kate what was her favorite part was she said, "handing the candy out to the kids." Children are so easy to please!!! We had so much fun and are already talking about what we can be for next Halloween.

Here is Vanny looking through her bag to find her candy bar that she had to carry around.


Monday, November 3, 2008


We did pumpkin carving this year again, and I don't know about anyone else but this is one of my least favorite holiday activities. And in the past two years it has not been Kate either, so basically it is just Nicholas that really enjoys it. But this year it was so much fun, and I think it could have been because both of girls loved it, they both loved digging the pumpkin seeds out and couldn't believe the funny faces we were doing. Kate was really worried about making a scary face and so all of our pumpkins had big smiles. Vanny kept getting really low so she could see the face and then would say "Hello" to the pumpkin, I thought we would die laughing. We had so much fun and loved getting our girls dressed up in their cute Halloween shirts..(thank you Rach). We will be looking forward to next years pumpkin carving.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Pumkin Patch

Two weeks ago we went to a pumpkin patch and a corn maze. It was a blast. They had quite a few to choose from here so we went with the one closest. There was these huge slides that are set up on haystacks that were very amusing to watch these kids go down. Every time Vanny would go down she some how woukd end up on her back and was bobbing down the slide, Nicholas thought she might need a neck brace after but she kept wanting to go. Her sister on the other hand was slowing it down with her feet but she thought she was zooming down it. They had two corn mazes here and one was one of the biggest I have ever seen they said it takes 45 minutes to get through !!! So we decided to go through the shorter one, but it still took 10 minutes, Kate was leading most of the was which was funny to see her take us in circles. We were also so glad to see that their were lots of farm animals there too.
Also my camera died after only a few pictures so I figures some is better than none.

Can I hold my baby

When Vanny wakes up in the morning she likes to be held for a few minutes before she does anything , and if Kate is awake before her (which doesn't happen to often) she always asks if she can hold her baby. This particular morning was a couple of weeks ago and Vanny wasn't feeling good so Kate held her for a good 15 minutes while they both watched there morning cartoons. These two little girls are so sweet to each other and I sure have such a fun time watching and taking care of them. What good lives we have!!!

Princess Pajamas

Kate decided that it would be pretty funny to see Savannah try on one of her princess pajamas. So after their baths we got them dressed and lets just say it was hilarious to see her little body in the same pajamas that Kate can wear. They thought it was so funny and were running around the house an hour laughing and chasing each other. These two girls have so much fun together, and it makes it very nice because Kate is so sharing and patient with her little sister.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Another plus of living in the land of FRUIT

Some people in our ward had tons and tons of raspberries that they needed picked. We spent an hour of picking raspberries and got 17 cups, and that isn't including the many cups we ate while picking. It was very fun and are enjoying the yummy raspberry jam that we made form it. I wish I would have taken a picture of all of the raspberry bushes they had. There were 6 huge rows of bushes that were filled with the best raspberries that I have ever had. I hope this can be something we can do every ear.

Next I was able to get lots and lots of tomatoes to make yummy salsa. My friend Sarah and I got together and made our very first salsa. It was a lot of cutting and I am glad I had someone to help with it. I will say that she had the worst job, Cutting onions, Sorry Sarah :). It turned out great. Next year I want to try a puree salsa this was a chunky salsa.